Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Existence of jaded dreams, highlights of what could have been- provide information of what it was like. That vision so many shared on behalf of nonchalance, results, a collage of fascination, awe and disappointment. Investigating what went wrong, can you retrace?

 Let's go back a decade plus, when the star shined brighter than the tiny little soul beneath. Blame misdirection, somewhere along this path, priorities diverted, looped over and over, pretzel shit!

Back to the starting point time and time again. Carousels of dreams, failed attempts to accomplishment, time disregarding the effort. The story book writes itself, fuck the authors scribbles.

Confusion, contempt and content coupled her embodiment. Trying shit, trying shit...won't work, yes, that comedian did say it and we laughed. *changes playlist* ...walls concrete like past knowledge of destiny, distort and delusion! they never materialized, negligence precedes reality in some's reality...dreams! Anticipating drums activates the minds faucet, loose in frenzy, succumbing restlessly, pressure parades nonchalantly.

 When I grow up was once upon a time I misplaced in bottles of rum and pages of research illuminated by cigarette butts I carelessly left burning on my study. Please your passion, embrace your ruins, whatever makes this time pass, all you need is one string, one atom of insanity, one mind voyage, one valid memory, one room, one path, one reason, one empty street...one last breath...lights out.

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